2022 Nissan Leaf Features and Benefits

Overview of 2022 Nissan Leaf

The 2022 Nissan leaf nameplate has become synonymous with “electric car” as Ford is with “car” in general. In contrast, it may not have captured the hearts of American drivers quite as much as the Tesla Model 3 has in recent years. Still, it undoubtedly played an essential role in expanding the general public’s awareness of EVs. This illustrate that there will be sufficient of anticipation and excitement as Nissan readies the next-generation Leaf for its inevitable launch sometime in early 2022. This new car is initially available in three different trim levels: S, SV, and SL (SV and SL are expected to be standard on the top-of-the-line model). And with a projected range of over 220 miles per full charge, it’s fair to say that it will be one of the most advanced and capable electric cars ever made. The vehicle will have an expected range of 234 miles per full charge. This should make it more than capable of getting most people through the average daily driving routine without worrying about recharging, even if the occasional long trip needs to be taken. Given that the current model’s long-range option — where the battery pack is approximately 33% larger than a standard Leaf’s — is expected to be replaced by the new model, a similar opportunity is likely available in the 2022 model. This should offer the 2022 Nissan leaf range of approximately 250 miles per full charge, enough to satisfy even the most die-hard long-range.

2022 Nissan leaf review

The 2022 Nissan Leaf will feature several significant upgrades to the current model. These include a new design that should help distance it from the somewhat dated first-generation iteration, a more spacious cabin with more head and legroom, and an updated infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capabilities. And while the 2022 model will almost certainly not be as groundbreaking as the first one ever produced, it will certainly be more capable and technologically advanced in virtually every way.

Nissan dealerships

The 2022 Nissan Leaf will be available in standard and long-range trim levels. The former is expected to start at around $30,000, while the latter should cost close to $35,000. And while the first-generation Leaf was only ever available for sale in some areas of the United States and Canada, the 2022 Nissan leaf dealer is expected to be available in all 50 states of the Union. This means there will be a Nissan leaf dealer near me.

Charging information

The 2022 model is expected to be equipped with a standard Level 2 charging system capable of recharging the car’s battery pack to 80% capacity. The 2022 Nissan leaf charge time is 40-60 minutes. And while most Leafs are currently equipped with a standard 110/120-Volt charging system, it’s safe to assume that the next-generation model will come with a standard CHAdeMO Nissan leaf charging port with Nissan leaf charger type of level 1 system. This means that owners of the 2022 Leaf should easily be able to find recharging stations in their neighborhoods. And while the standard Level 2 system is slow compared to more advanced and efficient Level 3 systems, it’s more than adequate for the vast majority of daily driving routines.

What to expect

The current Nissan Leaf is getting up there in age. Released almost exactly nine years ago, the original production run of the first-generation Leaf came to an end 2022. It was a bittersweet moment for those in the know; on the one hand, it marked the end of one of the most advanced and capable electric cars ever made. It also meant fewer than 30,000 examples of this groundbreaking vehicle are still on the road today. Yes, you read that correctly: Considering its position as one of the first affordable long-range electric cars on sale anywhere in the world when it debuted back in 2010, virtually every other EV released since then has been following in its footsteps. And now, with production having ceased just a few months ago, it’s safe to say that we won’t be seeing another generation of this iconic car anytime soon either. The 2022 Nissan Leaf is set to be an impressive car. It should be more capable than the current model in almost every way, with a new design, upgraded interior space, and a more efficient recharging system. And while it’s impossible to say how the 2022 model will be received by both consumers and critics alike, it seems safe to say that it will be a worthy successor to one of the most important and influential cars ever made. If you’re interested in the new 2022 model, make the most of your time and get yourself on the waiting list as soon as possible. There’s still a lot that needs to happen before this car is ready for consumption, and you don’t want to risk being left behind when the time finally comes.