Trying to decide whether or not it’s worth it to get your car windows tinted? Tinting your windows is far from the most expensive improvement you can make on your car, but it’s not super cheap either. When most people consider tinting their car’s windows, their top reasons usually tend to include wanting to cool down their car’s interior or increase their privacy while driving.
Those are definitely major selling points, but tinted windows come with more benefits than you probably realize. If you’re on the fence about getting your windows tinted, keep reading to learn about seven benefits of tinted car windows that you might not have considered yet.

1. Safer Driving

Driving with tinted windows is safer than driving with windows that are not tinted. Window tint significantly reduces glare in your car, so the sun won’t block your view while you’re driving and cause an accident.
Even in the case of an accident, tinted windows protect you from getting injured by loose shards of glass. Window tint acts as an extra layer over your windows that naturally strengthens the glass of your window panes. If your windows are tinted, they are much less likely to shatter in an accident than if they don’t have the extra protective layer that window tint provides.

2. More Attractive Exterior

Picture a car–the first car that pops into your head. Now picture that same car, but with tinted windows. Which version looks better in your mind’s eye?
Tinted windows automatically make any car look significantly more attractive. As exterior add-ons go, tinted windows are actually pretty affordable. Plus, unlike most of these other accents, tinted windows are practical as well as stylish. If you think your car needs a bit of a makeover, tinting its windows can give it the luxurious, sleek, stylish look you want without making you feel guilty for spending money on a pointless aesthetics-only feature.

3. Better Fuel Economy

If you’ve done any research on tinted windows, you probably already know that tinting your car windows can make a significant difference in the temperature inside your car. In fact, the cooling benefits of tinted windows are the main reason why many drivers eventually choose to invest in window tinting.
Because tinted windows naturally cool down your car, they also help improve your fuel economy. When the temperature is lower in your car, you are less likely to use your AC system as frequently. Running the AC in your car can quickly drain your gas tank, especially if you run it often or on high. By reducing the temperature in your car, window tint helps you save money on fuel at no cost past the initial investment you make.

4. Less Skin Damage

Tinted windows reduce the temperature in your car by reflecting sunlight away from your windows and not allowing heat to penetrate them.
Not only does this cool down the inside of your car, it also protects your skin against sun damage while you’re driving. Harsh UV rays from the sun are able to penetrate through untinted windows and cause sunburns and other skin damage. Tinted windows significantly decrease your risk of skin damage while driving by making it much more difficult for these UV rays to make it through your windows.

5. Interior Protection

The interior of your car naturally fades, cracks, and wears down over time. It’s inevitable. That being said, getting your windows tinted can significantly increase the lifespan of your car’s interior.
Sun damage is one of the main causes of interior vehicle damage. By reducing the amount of sun exposure your interior gets, tinted windows can help prevent cracks, fading, and other visible damage–especially if your car has a leather interior.

6. Crime Prevention

Criminals are much less likely to randomly break into your car if they can’t see what’s inside of it. Most people who break into cars do so because they see something valuable inside–like a purse or a laptop computer. Shattering the windows of random cars in the hopes of finding something valuable is an extremely high-risk, low-reward strategy that the vast majority of criminals don’t bother to try.
If your windows are tinted, it is much harder for anyone outside your car to see anything inside your car. Criminals are much less likely to try to break into a car with dark windows that don’t allow them to check for valuables inside. Of course, you should always remove your belongings from your car as a precaution against break-ins regardless of how dark your windows are. However, tinted windows are an instant major detractor to potential criminals who are looking around for a car to break into.