The Nissan Maxima has recently reemerged as a top model in the automobile industry. The new Maxima is not only fun to drive but has also proved to be a comfortable ride for a family. Of course, no one can overlook its stylish exterior, which features the midnight edition and a set of black wheels. The 2019 Maxima also boasts of refreshed taillights and headlamps. The grille shape of the 2019 Maxima is more pronounced, and its lower bumper has also been redesigned. Its infotainment system was also redone to match the features of the modern unit of Nissan Altima. The following are the top reasons to invest in the 2019 Nissan Maxima.

Advanced Drive-Assist Display

The fabulous styling of the exterior of 2019 Maxima draws the attention of many shoppers. Its aggressive front fascia comes with grille highlights that make it even more attractive than other models. It also comes with a set of 19-inch wheels and dual exhaust pipes that give it a sportier look. The most popular colors of Maxima are Super Black, Coulis Red, and Deep Blue Pearl. The Maxima has the advanced drive-assist display attached to its gauge cluster to give a high-resolution display and enhance the overall driving experience. Owners of Maxima 2019 have easy access to a lot of information such as safety warnings and navigation instructions. Its graphics are also bright, enabling drivers to drive attentively.

Zero Gravity Seats

The comfort of its seats is one of the things that shoppers consider when looking for a family vehicle. Nissan’s cozy and zero gravity seats are top contenders in the industry. These seats are designed to give occupants the ideal anatomical position to help prevent stiffness during prolonged, exhaustive trips. Though the standard Nissan seats are remarkably comfy, ventilated and heated seats are on a different level. The 2019 Maxima inspires drivers with a lot of confidence when they’re behind the wheel. It delivers impressive performance and a comfortable ride while on the road. Equipped with ride control technology and sports-tuned suspension, the 2019 Maxima is the most fun-to-drive Nissan model.

A Powerful Engine and Automatic CVT

The 2019 Maxima’s Xtronic CVT isn’t like other transmissions that hinder performance. You will appreciate the overall responsiveness and quiet operation of its Xtronic CVT. It has an innovative D-Step feature that drivers can utilize to mimic the gear shifts of an automatic transmission. No driver can overlook the fuel-saving design of the 2019 Maxima’s Xtronic CVT. Under the hood of the new model of the 2019 Maxima sits a powerful V6 engine. Experts in the automobile industry rave about the high performance of this engine. It can pump up to 261 horsepower and 300 pound-feet of torque. Its strong acceleration makes it fun to drive. The 2019 Maxima posted a competitive performance when tested on the track.

Fuel Efficiency and Value-Priced Models

Of course, almost every driver will fall in love with the fuel efficiency of the 2019 Nissan Maxima. It can return up to 30mpg and 21 mpg on the highway and in the city respectively. However, some users of the 2019 Maxima in places with an excellent transport network have experienced even better fuel efficiency. However, drivers might need to power their 2019 Maxima with premium fuel to optimize its performance. The base S model will leave anyone that doesn’t want to spend a lot of money satisfied. It has an affordable price of around $30,000, and like other Nissan Models, the base 2019 Maxima comes with the famed VQ-series engine. Its other notable features include an eight-speaker sound system, backup camera, and infotainment display.

Safety Technologies

The 2019 Maxima comes equipped with several advanced safety technologies. For example, its predictive forward collision warning technology makes it a secure family vehicle. It is a reliable technology that can predict an accident several meters ahead, and that allows a driver to react to an emergency as quickly as possible. Over time, Around View Monitor has become an essential feature for urban dwellers. It is available in the 2019 Maxima, and drivers can use it to monitor their surroundings. You can also take advantage of the feature to avoid fender benders when you park a car on a busy street. The amazingly comfortable seats and top-tier safety rating of the 2019 Maxima will appeal to any family. It also comes with a lot of exciting technologies that enhance the overall driving experience and safety. The sports-tuned SR Maxima is also fun to drive due to its high-performance engine. The 2019 Maxima offers a comprehensive suite of safety features, which include the Safety Shield 360. That means it will come with an automated emergency braking system, automatic high-beams, and blind-spot monitoring capability.