Get the Best Deal on a New Car This Memorial Day

Memorial weekend is right around the corner. Therefore, if you are set on having a new set of wheels, here are a few tips to consider. However, you must first know what features, trim levels, packages, and options you want in a car. Visit an automotive consumer to determine which trims and features suit you.

  • Take test drives before the weekend Don’t let yourself feel pressured to buy a car. To avoid this, arrange for a preparatory meeting where you will take your test drive. That way you will save a lot of time and be able to decide before the competition. Later, you can walk in ready to sign documents and commit to the car.
    Secondly, plan your test drive well. The best car is the one that makes you feel alive and proud. So don’t go out and test-drive, only that car you find appealing to the eyes. Various vehicles will help you narrow down your fit. Also, ensure that you put every vehicle through a handful of valuable maneuvers. Don’t forget to test the vehicle under your typical day-to-day routine since that is where the car will be mainly in use.
  • Shop outside your city It’s no lie. Sometimes the shop down the block sells milk cheaper than the one outside your building. Consider shopping in a different zip code or online and getting the best deals before Memorial Day if you have the time. Many businesses switched to online shops during the pandemic to better run their sales. With online sales, your car is delivered to your doorstep at a fee just in time for Memorial Day.
  • Be flexible Only a few car selections are like Nissan dealerships with the switch to online sales. Most buyers go to dealerships with a set mind to buy a particular car model, size, and style. They get devastated and eventually give up when it’s not available. Flexible needs guarantee you a car this memorial day. Also, consider shopping online and save some cash.
  • Make the right financial decision Buying a car is an important financial decision. Consider all the changes this year’s holiday weekend, and agree that it is worth the cost.
  • Don’t negotiate monthly payments Don’t discuss your payment in monthly installments. Bargain on the car’s purchase price, then bring up financial options. Consider interest rates, purchase price, added options, and your trade-in as separate transactions. Run for the hills if the salesperson breaks your negotiations into four squares. Unscrupulous sales associates can manipulate monthly payment terms to drain you of more of your hard-earned money by extending the payment period by months or even years.
  • Know the residual value of the car A car depreciates after a few years. It is one of the rich commodities that loses its original value immediately after purchasing it. Therefore, before negotiating the purchase price, know the current market price and the residual price in a few years. In addition, if the salesperson promises to throw in a few offers like free floor mats to coerce you into buying the car, ensure you get all the promises in writing before signing the deal.
  • You have the power That is a culture that sadly is in existence. Consumers often lose their power before big shark salespeople because they bully them into thinking that they can never get a better deal than the one being offered if they leave the shop without their product. However, remember that you have all the power. The salesperson needs to sell the car to you, and you don’t have to buy it. If you feel cornered, remember that you can freely walk away. Don’t buy the car if you are not 100% happy with the deal on the table.
  • Be headstrong and confident If you’ve never bought a car before, don’t show them that. Walk into that dealership like you own the place, and don’t let salespeople coerce you into purchasing a vehicle. Also, never take the first deal you get. Even though it sounds pretty reasonable to you, ask for the best deal on a new car.
  • Remember, sales associates want to close deals Salespeople always want to close deals today, not tomorrow. Use this to your advantage and negotiate a better deal. Use phrases like: “I’m ready to buy now, if….”
  • Watch out for confusing terminology Ask your salesperson to explain everything clearly to ensure that you get the best deal. If you feel unsure of the explanations of the salesperson, ask a friend who understands the terms to help you, you don’t have to sign anything immediately.


In conclusion, always take a test drive, no matter how unpleasant the dealership experience can be. Touch every surface, knob, button, and screen you see during the test drive to feel the quality. With every poke, the salesperson will explain how everything works, eliminating the need to look at the manual later on.