Matt 00:02
All right, guys. Welcome listeners. This is the Metro Nissan Redlands Podcast for November. I’m going to be your host for today. It’s Matt at Think Creative. I’m here with my guy, man, Ivan. Ivan, so you’re kind of in a different position here. What’s your job title first off?
Ivan 00:21
So I’m a sales consultant here at Metro Nissan Redlands.
Matt 00:24
Perfect, man. So you’ve always knew that you wanted to be selling cars, huh?
Ivan 00:30
Yeah. So I’ve been sales before. I enjoy cars. I buy and sell multiple cars on my own. So I’ve driven a lot of cars. So this is the area for me. This is what I like to do. I like to put people in cars that I know they’re going to love. So yeah.
Matt 00:47
Shoot, man. I’ll tell you. I’ve been walking around this lot, and there’s a ton of Nissans out here right now that I would love to be behind. These 2019 Altimas are looking fire.
Ivan 00:59
Matt 00:59
They’re looking nice.
Ivan 00:59
They’re looking like real-live spaceships. Something straight out of a video game so.
Matt 01:04
Yeah, man. Those are looking nice. I’ve been getting into trucks a lot lately, man. I’ve seen some of the Titans come in and those are big body. I like those.
Ivan 01:14
Yeah. The new Titans are really crazy. They’re developed straight from the factory for off-roading. So everything in the suspension is fine-tuned to take all those hard beatings. If you were to take it off-road or anything like that, so these new Titan trucks and also something from the future so.
Matt 01:33
Right on. So around this time, obviously, we got Black Friday. Holidays are coming. Everybody knows everything goes on sale after Thanksgiving.
Ivan 01:43
Matt 01:43
And that’s from everything from electronics to vehicles. So are you guys anticipating a pretty big Black Friday here?
Ivan 01:52
Yeah. Most definitely. Every Black Friday is really good in the car business. So we’re expecting a really big upcoming event. Not only for us but also, for our loyal customers. They’re going to get the maximum savings out of the year. So we already have plenty of incentives and rebates that we offer every day. But Black Friday, it’s going to be something else.
Matt 02:17
Ooh, that’s what we like to hear. You talking about the rebates and all them. Saving money, man. So I guess one of the best parts about Black Friday is when you come to Metro Nissan Redlands, you’re going to find a bunch of maybe the 2018s on deck, waiting to leave. Is that what it is?
Ivan 02:34
Yeah. So we’re still going to have some 2018s left on the lot. Those are going to be really good deals, just because we don’t have a lot left, and we need to get rid of our inventory. So if you like the 2018s, you’re going to get an amazing deal on one. But we also have some of the 2019s coming out. So there’s still deals to be made on that. So whichever way you want to go with, put it this way, you’re going to walk in here and, you’re going to be walking out with a brand new car and just a great deal overall.
Matt 03:08
Yeah. And these are deals that– guys, I’m telling you. Listeners out there. This is when you really want to do your shopping. But one thing I don’t want you guys to misconstrue is, take this the right way, you guys. It’s going to be packed. There’s going to be a ton of people here that are looking for the right car for them. We’re looking for daily drivers. We’re looking for just things that are nice. We want to upgrade what we already have. And this is the time to get that deal for yourselves. But one thing that we want to kind of provide is a tip for a lot of the shoppers out there. We don’t have to just come in on Black Friday and spend all day here test driving, things like that. Again, it’s going to busy. So you’re going to have to be here pretty early. You guys are going to be here pretty early, right?
Ivan 03:56
Matt 03:56
As dealers and all.
Ivan 03:58
Of course.
Matt 03:58
So it is going to be packed. So my advice, and you let me know if this is correct or not. Should we be telling our listeners out there to maybe start doing some of their shopping now? So, that way, when Black Friday, the actual day comes, they come in here, they know what they want. And they might even be more surprised at the deal they get.
Ivan 04:18
Yeah. Absolutely. With all the information that you can get online, I do suggest taking a look at some cars that you think you might have an interest for. Especially, one thing that I do recommend is having your budget. Kind of knowing where your budget is before you go into the dealership. That way, there’s no time to be wasted. And here, the sales staff, we kind of know what kind of car to place you in based on your needs, based on the kind of car that you want and the budget that you’re looking for. But yeah. That’s my advice. That’s pretty much my advice. There’s so much information out there. You can go on website. You can take a look at the cars that we have in-stock. Kind of look for the price point that you’re looking for. And yeah. That’s pretty much it. When you come in here, obviously, we have to take you on a test drive and kind of feel out the car. But that takes a lot less time than actually picking out a car. So that would be my advice to everybody.
Matt 05:17
In your experience, and I like to ask all my sales consulting friends, man. Do you suggest, or is it important that someone come in already pre-approved?
Ivan 05:29
No. Not necessarily. We place a lot of different people into a lot of different cars. So no matter what your situation is, even if you don’t have a pre-approval, even if you don’t know what kind of payment you’re looking for or what kind of down payment you want to put down, that’s okay. Just come on down, and we’ll take the time to kind of re-evaluate your needs and kind of what you’re looking for. And take the time and to put you in the right car. If you get into a car that you don’t like, no matter how good the deal is, it’s not a good deal. Right?
Matt 06:06
Right. Right. You got to make sure you’re happy.
Ivan 06:08
Right. You got to make sure you’re in a car that you’re going to like. And that’s what we do here. We don’t play games. We don’t like to waste anybody’s time. But if you need that extra re-evaluation, we can definitely help out with that. So pre-approval, no pre-approval, no down payment, just come on down, and we’ll work something out for you.
Matt 06:30
What happens though if people are– let’s go back to Black Friday. Or, is this only for purchasing a car? Or, are we able to lease cars? Are there specials on leases too?
Ivan 06:40
Of course. We have a lot of specials on leases, so no matter how many months you’re looking to lease a car, or what you’re trying to use it for, or how many miles you’re trying to use a year, we have the right lease plan for you.
Matt 06:55
Perfect. And then, how about warranties bro? Is there something as far as warranties? You sometimes get a special on warranties or–?
Ivan 07:02
To be honest with you, warranties don’t really– there’s not really sales on warranties. They’re kind of just set price. But, I mean, all the saving that you are going to get on the overall price of the car kind of make up for that.
Matt 07:15
True. Okay. Yeah. And I know I’ve seen some of the Black Friday specials on their way, man. And huge savings, huge savings. So, everybody, I just want to invite you guys to, again, start doing your shopping now. Like you heard Ivan say, it’s important to kind of know your price point. Know what your budget is like and what you’re able to afford. Make sure that you’re able to get into a vehicle that you’ll be happy with. Those were all great tips. And I encourage you to use the website like he mentioned before. Hop on there. You can look at the inventory that they currently have in-stock. They might even already be showing some of the expected savings that you would have on certain vehicles. If it’s not up there now, definitely want to keep your eyes out for that, because they are definitely on their way. But, again, just find the vehicle that you want at the right price point. Hopefully, find something around Black Friday that’s going to put extra savings into your pocket. It’s not going to hurt you too bad, break the bank or anything like that. But, again, these vehicles are meant for the long haul. I’ve seen these 2018s all year. They’ve been great. And then, when I’m starting to look at the 2019s out here, guys, man, I’m telling you. I might actually do some shopping myself. So, Ivan, if you’ve got some time, man, maybe you can show me some of these.
Ivan 08:34
Most definitely, brother. I’ll help you out.
Matt 08:36
That’s awesome. So, guys, if you have any questions, make sure you leave them in a comment section. I will have some links up so you can, obviously, visit Metro Nissan Redlands website. Take a look at what they got in store for you. And then, also, man, if you have a special vehicle that you’re looking for, they also have live chats online too. So if you want to ask questions about a particular vehicle that you have in mind– and you’ll be talking to someone that’s not even in sales. So don’t be afraid of that. No one’s trying to sell you over the internet. We just want you to come on by. Show up. Say, “What’s up?” to Ivan, and say, “What’s up?” to everybody else here. They’ll be happy to get on a test drive, obviously. And it’s all about the deals, baby. All about Black Friday savings. So come out. Get your 2018s. Get them off of his lot. Check out the 2019s if you’ve got it, why not? And we’ll talk to you guys later. I appreciate the time, man.