The Nissan Rogue is one of the top-rated vehicles in Nissan’s lineup. In fact, it currently reigns as the number-one, best-selling Nissan model on the market. Many can’t wait to catch our Nissan Rogue Labor Day Sale.
This compact crossover SUV is a spacious, modern vehicle that seats 5 comfortably within its roomy cabin. The Nissan Rogue is trendy, reliable, safe, fuel-efficient, and stylish inside and out. For one of the highest-performing vehicles in one of the current most popular vehicle classes on the mainstream auto market, the Nissan Rogue is also refreshingly affordable with a reasonable starting price that can fit within a wide range of budgets. 
If you’re interested in making the Nissan Rogue your next vehicle, you might be tempted to head to your local car dealership as soon as possible. However, it’s in your—and specifically your wallet’s—best interest to wait until Labor Day weekend to make your purchase. Labor Day is renowned as one of the overall most affordable days to buy a car. In fact, statistics show that car buyers can easily save more than $3,000 on their next vehicle purchase by buying their new car over Labor Day weekend. 
If you’re in the market for a Nissan Rogue, you’re not alone. This top-rated compact crossover SUV is flying off the shelves with record-breaking sales, but here’s why you should wait until Labor Day to finally go Rogue. 

Deals on Deals on Deals on Labor Day 

For many car enthusiasts and those who keep their eyes on the buying patterns on the auto market, it’s virtually common knowledge that Labor Day is one of the best days of the year to buy a car.

Nissan Rogue Labor Day Sales

Nissan Rogue Labor Day Sales

The great deals you can get on a vehicle over Labor Day weekend are actually a result of 3 different factors that combine together over this annual holiday weekend to equal incredible discounts for car buyers on Labor Day. 
First off, car prices tend to be lower close to the end of the month year-round. This is because car salesmen have monthly sales quotas, which they are highly incentivized to meet—even if meeting these quotas means offering special deals and discounts as the end of each month looms closer. 
The cost of current or previous model year vehicles also drops around Labor Day, when major automakers begin to release their vehicles for the next model year and car dealerships are eager to make room on their lots. 
Finally, Labor Day is a holiday weekend. Car prices tend to drop in general around many holidays, as car dealerships often take advantage of holidays to promote their inventories and offer special deals to incentivize buyers to visit their lots. 
Combining end-of-month deals, deals on current and previous model year vehicles around this time of year, and holiday weekend discounts, you’re almost guaranteed to get a great deal on a car if you choose to make your purchase on Labor Day. 

Which Nissan Rogue to Buy on Labor Day 

It’s likely you’ll get a better deal during the Nissan Rogue Labor Day Sale if you choose a 2020 Rogue model or even a used Rogue from a past model year. 
You’ll find the best Labor Day car deals on used vehicles and vehicles from the current or previous model years. Car dealerships are usually desperate near the end of summer and beginning of fall to get all “outdated” vehicle models off of their lot in order to make plenty of room for the brand-new models that will soon hit the market for the next model year. 
If you opt for a Rogue from 2020 or earlier rather than a brand-new 2021 Rogue when you make your purchase, you’ll likely get a better deal. However, which Nissan Rogue you should buy depends on your driving preferences, budget, and lifestyle. Every Nissan driver deserves to have the option to choose the Nissan Rogue model that’s right for them.