Matt 00:01
Welcome, listeners. It is another episode of the Metro Nissan Redlands podcast. I am your host for the month. It is Matt. And I’m here with– I’m going to be honest with you guys. I chose someone randomly. And I asked him if he wanted to do a podcast, and he was willing. What I’m trying to do for everybody is just to get a different perspective on what’s going on. I know we’ve introduced you to some of the people that work here. We talked about how long they’ve been doing what they do, whether they’re in sales, service, anything like that. But I wanted to actually give you guys the chance to hear from someone that actually wants to buy a vehicle from us, of course, Metro Nissan Redlands. So I’m here with someone. His name is Andres. Did I say that correctly, sir?
Andres 00:47
Si. Yes. Andres Ramirez.
Matt 00:49
Perfect, Mr. Ramirez. So you’re here at Metro Nissan Redlands. Why, today?
Andres 00:57
Well, it’s basically, I want to buy a car.
Matt 01:02
Right. Right. Did you already have a vehicle in mind?
Andres 01:04
Yes. The Altima.
Matt 01:06
Altima. So you’re looking at a 2018 or a ’19 or–?
Andres 01:10
I like the ’19.
Matt 01:12
’19. Those are nice.
Andres 01:13
Very nice, yes.
Matt 01:14
So the 2019 Altimas are redesigned. If you guys have not seen them yet, you’ll want to hop on to the website right now. Look at the 2019 Altimas. You’ll see these cars are beautiful. What color you looking at?
Andres 01:29
I’m looking at the white one.
Matt 01:32
Okay. Okay. Keep it clean. Keep it clean.
Andres 01:34
I like white. It looks very classic.
Matt 01:37
So what was it about this car in particular that made you get your eyes on it?
Andres 01:44
Well, it’s a very nice car. I’ve had Altima before, 2002.
Matt 01:52
2002. Are you trading that in today?
Andres 01:54
No. I have now a Honda Accord.
Matt 01:58
Oh, okay. Okay. So you’re trading that in today?
Andres 02:00
Yes. Yes.
Matt 02:01
Wow. All right. So you’re back. Originally, when you got that 2002 Altima, did you get that from here also?
Andres 02:09
No. I got that one back home in Sacramento.
Matt 02:14
Oh, all right. Wow. All the way from Sacramento. Nice. All right. So let’s look at the 2019 Altimas. You already picked out your trim and everything? You already know which one exactly?
Andres 02:27
Yes. The SL.
Matt 02:30
SL. Those are beautiful, man.
Andres 02:32
Yes. Beautiful car.
Matt 02:33
Even on the inside, right?
Andres 02:35
Yes. Yes. Leather, the sunroof, the nice rims, [crosstalk]. Very nice rims.
Matt 02:45
And so you got everything that you could be looking for right now in this vehicle.
Andres 02:48
Yes. Very nice car. Very nice.
Matt 02:50
Is it just going to be for yourself? Are you kind of use it as a daily driver or–?
Andres 02:54
It’s my only car. I don’t have another car. I have to keep the insurance down. So it’s okay. Just one car is fine.
Matt 03:06
Right. I mean, obviously, you already know the difference, then, between the Altima that you’re going to purchase and the one that you had. Obviously there’s seven years difference there. But even in the one year, from the 2018 to the 2019s, it’s a lighter car, it’s more rigid than the 2018s were back then, and then they have a ton of all new safety features.
Andres 03:32
Yes. Some of the safety feature, pedestrian assist, lane assist, it lets you know when a car is next to you so you don’t crash to him. So, yes. It’s a safe car, good car.
Matt 03:52
It’s very good, man. I believe you chose a beautiful car. This is a excellent choice. Now, I don’t know if you’re like myself, but me, I’m kind of a tech person, I guess you could say. I’m always needing to charge something. You know what I really enjoyed about the Altima? When I went inside there, they had so many different USB ports.
Andres 04:15
Yes. You can charge your phone all the time. From the back–
Matt 04:18
You can charge your phone, your wife’s phone [laughter], your kid’s phone, everyone. That’s beautiful, man. Was there anything else about this car in particular that it just blew you away?
Andres 04:34
It rides really nice. It’s very classy. A good economy car. 28 city, 39 highway. I think I can get 40, 41 maybe. I drive really good, so I get really good gas mileage [laughter].
Matt 04:56
You drive safe.
Andres 04:58
Yes. Yes.
Matt 04:59
There’s not a little part of you that’s going to want a push this 248-horsepower vehicle?
Andres 05:05
I don’t know [laughter]. Maybe when the wife is not there, maybe I can have a little fun. I don’t know. You know?
Matt 05:13
Yeah. No, I mean, I’m not here to cause any tickets or anything like that. But I’m telling you, with a vehicle like this, man, I would be so tempted to just kind of accelerate a little bit. The acceleration’s so strong on this.
Andres 05:28
Yes. It’s fast. Very fast.
Matt 05:29
Is this all-wheel drive?
Andres 05:31
I don’t think so. I don’t think so.
Matt 05:36
All right. Well, okay. If it’s not, then you’re still be all right. I mean, nothing wrong with that. So you’re looking at, then, to purchase this vehicle. Is your wife here with you?
Andres 05:48
No. She is going to be a surprise for her.
Matt 05:53
Oh, man. You’re doing it big.
Andres 05:55
Yes. Yes. Maybe she’ll drive a little bit, but it’s really my car, but she gets to drive it too, so [laughter] we’ll see. Maybe.
Matt 06:06
So it is October, man. Are you doing anything special for Halloween?
Andres 06:12
Oh, well, yes. We have kids come to our porch, and we give them candies and chocolates and stuff and so–
Matt 06:21
Andres 06:21
Matt 06:21
You dressing up at all?
Andres 06:22
No. I’m too old.
Matt 06:24
Ah, come on.
Andres 06:26
No, that’s too funny. No, thank you.
Matt 06:28
Okay. Okay. Well, what about next month? What are you doing Thanksgiving?
Andres 06:32
Thanksgiving, eat a lot of turkey, lots of turkey, and my wife makes tamales. And it’s fun. We drink, mariachi. It’s going to be fun.
Matt 06:43
Mariachi and all that?
Andres 06:44
Matt 06:44
Are you going to give me your address? Should I go there? Should I follow you now [laughter]? What do I got to–?
Andres 06:48
You like Mexican music?
Matt 06:49
Andres 06:50
Yes? Okay. Yes. Okay. [crosstalk].
Matt 06:52
Oh, we are going to be partying.
Andres 06:54
Absolutely, yes [laughter].
Matt 06:55
So next month you guys want to tune in, I’m going to be [laughter] hanging with my newfound friend, his new car. His wife is going to be surprised, and she’s going to love him for this surprise. And we’re going to get some good food next month. I’m going to let you go back to shopping. Obviously, I don’t want to take up too much of your time.
Andres 07:15
Thank you very much.
Matt 07:16
While you’re here, I do want to say thank you. I appreciate your time on spending this with us. I did kind of approach you awkwardly, I know that.
Andres 07:23
Oh, it’s okay. No, it’s fine. It’s fine. It’s fun. It’s very good car. The dealer, good dealer. You come, they take very good care of you. It’s a good place, good car.
Matt 07:40
Tell me real quick, man, just before we leave, you mentioned how good the dealer was. Did you work with this dealer online at all? Did you talk to them before you came or was this you just drove by?
Andres 07:51
My son, he talked to someone, and he had everything set, and I just come. I look at the car. I drive the car. I like the car. And so they give me the good price that they said, and here we go.
Matt 08:12
And that’s one thing I kind of just want to make sure all of our listeners out there are aware of. Nowadays, you don’t have to worry about spending four to six hours at the dealership any longer. There’s so many things that you can do in order to speed that up, speed up the process, and just make it much smoother than it used to be in the past. You can start off by going to You can go ahead and use the text features. You can use the contact features. You can call them straight from the website, even if you do most of your searching by using mobile phones. There’s always going to be somebody there that can answer your questions. And you guys, it’s actually a real person that’s behind those lines that are answering your questions. And the best part about it is you don’t have to feel pressured of using this service that they’re providing you because, for one, it’s absolutely free. Next, they’re not pressuring you to buy anything, not online. They really just want to be able to provide you the information that you’re looking for so that way you can make the best decision for yourself. Remember, here at Metro Nissan Redlands, we’re not trying to put anybody in a bad position. We want to make sure that everybody gets what they’re looking for, comes out satisfied, and that they have something to be happy with for as long as you keep your car. That’s one of those purchases that’s going to be lasting a long time. So make sure you take advantage of those things. You heard it here, straight from someone that’s actually purchasing a vehicle here today. So if you want to be one of those people that has the same type of experience that could talk about their dealership in the best of ways, make sure you come on by Metro Nissan Redlands. And if you see me here, let me know if you want to jump on a podcast. I would love to talk with you, to speak with you, to just meet you. Talk about what it is that intrigued you about Nissan, in general. And of course, introduce you to all of our listeners. So, ladies and gentlemen, I do appreciate the time. We’ll talk to you next month, when we’ll have a brand-new episode. Maybe we’ll talk to another customer. Maybe we’ll get to know somebody else from the industry a little bit. Who knows. We’ll talk to you then, though. Stay tuned. Thanks a lot. Bye.